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Scouting Information

our current robot

Our current robot

Qualified 3rd at Burnsville

OPR of 74.1 improved from 26.1 at our first competition 

Design Award Winner

our old team element

Our old team element

About our robot

Our robot, Beefy, is new and improved! 
With new 20:1 motors we are 3x faster than previous competitions!
Our new, taller, chassis allows us to traverse over the barrier with ease!

Many upgrades have been made to our manipulator as well including many measures to increase durability and longevity.

Game Strategies


We can start from any position on the field and consistently score 36 points by detecting with our team element, placing it in the correct height, and parking in the warehouse


We can rapidly traverse over the barrier to score on any level of the shipping hub.

We have a consistent scoring velocity and can balance the hub.

End Game

We score ducks with ease and park in the warehouse.