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Member Bios!

Team photo at Burnsville Event


My name is Caleb. I like to sleep, hang out with friends (virtually because COVID-19), and go outside. My favorite color is blue. I joined robotics because I am interested in programming and robotics in general. My role on the team is to assemble the manipulator and the drivetrain, making the final robot. Something that I learned from robotics is that many things don't go right the first time and need troubleshooting.


My name's Anushka. I like sleeping, watching Youtube, reading, doodling, and things like that, and my favorite color is hex #121d7a. My job is basically just controlling media content and working on this website. I joined robotics because it sounded really interesting to me. Something I learned from last year is that you need lots and lots of patience when you're working with your robot.








Hi I'm Evan, I first joined robotics, as I wanted a practical way to apply my skills in math and science. I have learned many things from robotics, but the most important, is learning how to improvise and think of new ideas to solve problems. Completely unrelated, but my favorite color is purple.


Why joined: The robotics program seemed interesting to me because I want to someday have a career in either aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, or robotics. And I thought the robotics program would be a good way to get a head start in honing my skills.

Favorite Color: My favorite Color is Blue What I do for the team: I am the lead for the manipulator which includes the intake system, the conveyor belt, and the ring shooter.

What Robotics has taught me: Robotics has taught me how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for CAD design and has taught me that teamwork is very important when building a robot. 

Noah D.

I am a veteran member of the Lagrange Points, with experience in drive train/manipulator design and assembly. The robotics program interested me because it combined teamwork and creative design in a way that can be found nowhere else. Robotics taught me the value of showing up, and discipline. Yellow is my favorite color because it looks really good as a highlight.