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About Us


My name is Caleb. I like to play piano, hang out with friends, and learn new things. My favorite color is blue. I joined robotics because I am interested in programming and robotics in general. My role on the team is to assemble the manipulator and the drivetrain, making the final robot. Something that I learned from robotics is that many things don't go right the first time and need troubleshooting.


My name's Anushka. I like sleeping, reading, and doodling, and my favorite color is hex #121d7a. My job is basically just controlling media content, which includes taking care of our social media accounts and working on this website. I joined robotics because it sounded really interesting to me. Something I've learned throughout my time in robotics is that you need a great deal of patience when you're working with your robot.



My name is Joey. I like to play tennis and bake. Currently, I am on the manipulator team. I bounce between the arm and the claw as those are my main two interests. I joined robotics because I think that it is interesting, and robotics would be a cool new experience to try. One of the big things that I've learned is the importance of gracious professionalism.





My name’s Misa! I like cats, art, and finding ways to make everything colorful. My favorite color is teal. I joined robotics because it seems like a new experience. My job is to maintain our Instagram account and media business. Something I’ve learned throughout robotics so far is teamwork and focus.


Hi, I'm Tate. I like to play video games and do motor sports. My favorite color is green and I joined robotics because I liked the engineering aspect of it. My role is media. Something I've learned this year about FTC is that it's a lot more complex than FLL.


Hi! My name's Torsten. I like playing video games, baseball, and other sports. My favorite color is black, and I joined robotics because I thought it was interesting. I work on media such as social media and branding on our team. Some things I've learned in robotics are teamwork and how to build robots.



My name is Linus. I like to play games of every kind, like board, card, and video games, and I also like reading. My favorite color is blue. I joined robotics because I did FLL and thought that FTC would also be fun to do. My role on the team is working on building the robot. Something I have learned during robotics is how to build a robot and the terms of all the robot parts.


My name is Amelia! I like doing math and playing lacrosse, and my favorite color is pink. I joined robotics because I enjoy programming and want to learn Java. I work on intelligence on our team, and I've learned how to use an Android phone thanks to robotics.


Hi, my name is Jonah! I like reading and playing baseball. My favorite color is blue-green. I joined robotics to learn cool things and have fun. So far, I've been helping with making our board and taking notes. Something I've learned from robotics is coding.





I'm Elliott. I like to read, play video games, and go outside. My favorite color is navy blue. I joined robotics because it looked fun and interesting and I did FLL last year. My role in the team is working on the manipulator. Robotics has taught me how to problem solve.


Hi. My name is Felix! I play soccer, tennis and video games. My favorite color is blue. I joined robotics to have fun. I'm helping build our drive train, and throughout my time in it, I've learned that robotics is much more complex than it seems.




Hi I'm Evan, I first joined robotics, as I wanted a practical way to apply my skills in math and science. I have learned many things from robotics, but the most important, is learning how to improvise and think of new ideas to solve problems. Completely unrelated, but my favorite color is purple.


Why joined: The robotics program seemed interesting to me because I want to someday have a career in either aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, or robotics. And I thought the robotics program would be a good way to get a head start in honing my skills.

Favorite Color: My favorite Color is Blue What I do for the team: I am the lead for the manipulator which includes the intake system, the conveyor belt, and the ring shooter.

What Robotics has taught me: Robotics has taught me how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for CAD design and has taught me that teamwork is very important when building a robot. 

Noah D.

I am a veteran member of the Lagrange Points, with experience in drive train/manipulator design and assembly. The robotics program interested me because it combined teamwork and creative design in a way that can be found nowhere else. Robotics taught me the value of showing up, and discipline. Yellow is my favorite color because it looks really good as a highlight.